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    Pregnancy Series: Month 9

    pregnancy series month 9

    Featured image credit: Honorine Photographie Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. If you read my post on Month 8, you might be wondering how the hell did that happen. I was supposed to be induced at 37 weeks, right?! Yep. Then we got back the test results for my baby’s blood genotype. They seemed to indicate that my baby is K- like me, which would render completely harmless any antibodies I am producing. As my doctor said, “This changes everything.” Yeah, no shit. She said they could consider letting me go to term now (41 weeks in France) and even…

  • pregnancy month 8

    Pregnancy Series: Month 8

    People, I am exhausted! I am still physically exhausted as well as mentally and emotionally drained from this experience of having to wonder about how much havoc my antibodies are causing. (If you’re out of the loop, please go read…

  • pregnancy month 7

    Pregnancy Series: Month 7

    The shit hit the fan this month. Where to begin, where to begin? I had some incomprehensible bloodwork results come back. Now, my French is fluent, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in medical jargon, even in English. But…

  • pregnancy month 6

    Pregnancy Series: Month 6

    The second trimester is just the greatest. I have none of the inconvenient symptoms of the first or third trimester. I have so enjoyed renewed energy and glowing skin! But it’s also the end of this magical time. I can…

  • pregnancy month 5

    Pregnancy Series: Month 5

    Folks, my pregnancy is half completed. Where has the time gone?! I started stocking up on supplies already. I got maternity pads, normal pads, adult diapers (what???). For baby, I got two packs of traditional diapers (I am not even…

  • pregnancy series month 4

    Pregnancy Series: Month 4

    I have entered the golden age of pregnancy! My hair looks really thick and lustrous without much effort, and I don’t need to wash it as often. My nails are growing fast, and my skin is plump and blemish-free. It…

  • recommended books for future mamas

    Recommended Books for Future Mamas

    Calling all future mamas looking for recommended books on pregnancy and parenting! Here’s a little secret of mine: I made a big mistake when I was pregnant with my first child… I read books that prepared me for labor and…

  • pregnancy series month 3

    Pregnancy Series: Month 3

    Three months down means I’m a third of the way through this pregnancy! These last few weeks, I had to actually remind myself that I am pregnant. I marveled at the fact that life could be so damn busy and…