• pregnancy month 7

    Pregnancy Series: Month 7

    The shit hit the fan this month. Where to begin, where to begin? I had some incomprehensible bloodwork results come back. Now, my French is fluent, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in medical jargon, even in English. But…

  • pregnancy month 6

    Pregnancy Series: Month 6

    The second trimester is just the greatest. I have none of the inconvenient symptoms of the first or third trimester. I have so enjoyed renewed energy and glowing skin! But it’s also the end of this magical time. I can…

  • pregnancy month 5

    Pregnancy Series: Month 5

    Folks, my pregnancy is half completed. Where has the time gone?! I started stocking up on supplies already. I got maternity pads, normal pads, adult diapers (what???). For baby, I got two packs of traditional diapers (I am not even…

  • pregnancy series month 4

    Pregnancy Series: Month 4

    I have entered the golden age of pregnancy! My hair looks really thick and lustrous without much effort, and I don’t need to wash it as often. My nails are growing fast, and my skin is plump and blemish-free. It…

  • recommended books for future mamas

    Recommended Books for Future Mamas

    Calling all future mamas looking for recommended books on pregnancy and parenting! Here’s a little secret of mine: I made a big mistake when I was pregnant with my first child… I read books that prepared me for labor and…

  • pregnancy series month 3

    Pregnancy Series: Month 3

    Three months down means I’m a third of the way through this pregnancy! These last few weeks, I had to actually remind myself that I am pregnant. I marveled at the fact that life could be so damn busy and…

  • pregnancy series month 2

    Pregnancy Series: Month 2

    This is when it starts to get fun, folks. And I’m only half-joking. I say fun because by the end of the second month, you’ll likely have a dating scan to determine the actual age of your baby. The dating…

  • pregnancy series month 1

    Pregnancy Series: Month 1

    Soooooooooooooo, everyone. I am full of baby. Yet again. I decided to let you all in on my pregnancy journey, although in all likelihood, you’ll be reading this a few months behind my actual pregnancy progress. While I felt it…